About Smart Services

The main focus of Teletrol-One has always been the superior after-sales services. Our personnel are fully capable of performing preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and product training. This would result in a win-win situation in which both clients and partners are satisfied in the long run.

Our Capabilities

Server - Maintenace

Preventive Maintenance

The act of conducting regularly scheduled maintenance procedures to assist prevent unexpected breakdowns in the future is known as preventive maintenance. Simply said, it is about repairing things before they break. Teletrol-One is comprised of highly qualified and certified specialists capable of doing preventive maintenance on basic to very advanced technical equipment as requested by clients and partners.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance includes replacing or repairing equipments. When equipment fails, corrective maintenance services detect and rectify the problem so that the equipment may be reinstated and unit output can resume. Teletrol-One is fully committed to doing countrywide corrective maintenance for our clients.

Corrective Maintenance

Product Training

Product Training is a key aspect of delivering projects to clients. We believe that once end users have gotten sufficient training, the given solution will be effectively utilized. Many world-class partners have certified Teletrol-One specialists to provide product training on behalf of partners as needed.