About SafeCity

Since 2009, we have elevated our focus to national defense. We have successfully delivered the finest solutions to shield the general public against any potential dangers by combining our experience, expertise, and world-class partners. As the world becomes increasingly unpredictable, we will continue to work closely with our clients and partners to ensure the safety and security of society.

SafeCity Core Products

Digital Forensic

Digital Forensics

Electronic devices are becoming commonly used in criminal activity. Digital Forensics assists the forensic team in the analysis, inspection, identification, and preservation of digital evidence stored on many types of electronic devices such as phones, computers, storage disks, security cameras, and drones.

Facial Recognition

As the world becomes more unstable, it is critical for law enforcement organizations to employ technology to prevent any potential danger. Facial recognition is a method of recognizing or verifying an individual’s identification by using their face. This technology would reduce the amount of resources and time spent on investigations and surveillance.

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Secure Communication

Secure Communication

Since crucial information in chat groups has been leaked to the public on occasion, there have been several concerns raised regarding the security of online communication and the accessibility of the information retained on public servers. Secure communication is appropriate for organizations that exchange a lot of sensitive information on a regular basis.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot

As modern bombs may be wirelessly detonated and hurt in a number of ways, it is critical for law enforcement agencies to quickly implement measures to protect the area. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) robots are often used to not only keep bomb disposal personnel safe, but also to handle explosives effectively.

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Portable X-Ray Scanner

Customs, polices, legal authorities, and security service providers all want to inspect suspicious objects promptly and safely. This includes, for example, suspicious baggage, vehicles, and boxes of imported goods. Portable X-Ray Scanners provide new possibilities for identifying and finding concealed items within suspicious objects.

Mass People Screening

Metal detectors alone may no longer be sufficient to maintain the safety and security at large venues such as stadiums, convention halls, shopping malls, government buildings or airports. Given its ability to identify explosive substances from a small amount, Mass People Screening is a solution that can be used in combination with other conventional screening equipments to strengthen the threat detection system of venues.

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Underwater SONAR

Diver Held Sonar Imaging and Navigation System

Mines can take numerous forms, including underwater mines. EOD divers can use the Diver Held Sonar Imaging and Navigation System to locate, categorize, and identify mines. While the SONAR and navigation functions are the primary features, each system may also be outfitted with a variety of optional mission-specific sensors and imaging systems such as video cameras, metal and radiation detection devices, and supplemental positioning systems.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Without the assistance of technological devices, searching for objects such as underwater mines in a large underwater space may be difficult. Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) equipped with essential accessories such as SONAR and magnetometer can be used to aid navies in activities such as mine countermeasure.

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UAV Helicopter

UAV Helicopter

The UAV Helicopter is meticulously engineered to enhance societal safety and security through its advanced surveillance capabilities. This sophisticated aerial vehicle boasts extended flight duration and superior high-resolution imaging technology, making it indispensable for real-time monitoring applications, particularly in the realms of public safety and infrastructure oversight. Its deployment is crucial for the early threat detection and rapid response, elements that are essential in establishing and maintaining a safer and more secure environment.